SGAC is Organising its First-ever Space Generation Event in Egypt


Space Generation [Egypt] will be the first-ever Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) event to hold in Egypt. This event will provide a platform for national and international stakeholders and space industry experts to engage in discussions with Egypt’s most talented space youth and offer key recommendations to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS) general assembly. 

Most importantly, the discussions will focus on lunar exploration, space medicine, and diversity in space, which is at the centre of Egypt’s national space strategy. There will be a particular focus on international cooperation, capacity building, increasing representation of minorities in the space sector, and leveraging indigenous space capabilities in Egypt and other emerging space countries. 

Participants will play a critical role in inspiring the next generation of Egyptian space leaders and creating a more sustainable ecosystem for Egypt’s next frontier.

The expected outcomes of the event include:
  • Knowledge transfer and networking opportunities to SG[Egypt] delegates,
  • Global brand exposure, access to talent, and partnership opportunities for SG[Egypt] sponsors,
  • Ramping up capacity building and leveraging Egypt’s indigenous space capabilities.

The virtual conference will hold on July 10, 2021. It will consist of keynote presentations and panel discussions by a diverse and carefully selected group of international subject matter experts on Lunar Exploration, Diversity in Space, and Space Medicine. 

  • Lunar Exploration: Opportunities and Challenges for Emerging Space countries

A group of delegates will explore designing a lunar CubeSat mission using COTS components and leveraging indigenous space capabilities.

  • Diversity in Space Panel: Importance of representing Women and Minorities

A group of delegates will explore tools and policies to identify and address diversity gaps and increase the representation of gender and underrepresented minorities in the space sector.

  • Space Medicine Panel: Leveraging existing capabilities using Analog planetary research

A group of delegates will explore building an analogue research facility leveraging indigenous capabilities for Egypt’s emerging human spaceflight program.

Subsequently, the three groups will participate in brainstorming sessions and roundtable discussions with subject matter experts. Similarly, they will also get a chance to present their findings and report outcomes and recommendations to SGAC, the UN, government, academia, and the private sector. In addition, delegates and sponsors will create meaningful connections through virtual networking tools and special in-person events organised by our potential partners.

The interactive workshop will hold a week later, on July 17, 2021 (a full moon day). It will bring delegates together with international space experts to participate in an interactive online workshop. The representatives will be matched by mentors and split into three groups based on the event’s themes. 

To protect our community against the spread of COVID-19 and allow international participants to participate easily, SG[Egypt] will be entirely virtual, including the virtual conference on July 10 and the interactive workshop on July 17.

How to Apply

The fees are USD 10 to attend both events. To register for this virtual event, please complete the registration form.

Start: July 10 by  2:30 PM CEST

End: July 17 by 7:30 PM CEST

About SG [Egypt]

SG [Egypt] is an active SGAC member united by a shared vision of advancing Egypt into the new space economy. Furthermore, we are committed to ramping up the capacity building, strengthening international cooperation with key stakeholders, raising public awareness, and engaging students and young professionals in SGAC’s space-related activities in Egypt. We invite you to participate in SG[Egypt] and help us build a sustainable future in space that benefits Egypt and other emerging space countries.


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