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Africa Earth Observation Challenge Call for Submissions

The Africa Earth Observation (AEO) Challenge is an annual open innovation challenge sourcing novel space technologies since 2016. This challenge aims to drive entrepreneurial activity in the African space industry and promote awareness of the value of earth observation data (EOD) across the continent and in multiple sectors such as water and food security, mining, logistics, insurance, and many more.

Two questions that this challenge would like to answer:
  1. How can we enhance and improve various industries, such as smart cities, logistics, and agriculture, through the innovative application of earth observation?
  2. How can we do this through utilising big data analysis techniques, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing?
  1. EOD application: All submissions must demonstrate a clear application of EOD
  2. Industry: Businesses in all industries are encouraged to submit their solutions
  3. Location of business: The challenge is open to businesses across the African continent
  4. Business development level: Early stage funding/angel investor-ready businesses (Technology Readiness Level 8/9 and Business Readiness Level 1/2/3).

Kindly complete your submission here before midnight 26 September 2021.



Should you have any questions or queries, please contact the team at

For additional information, kindly check here.

Edit: The deadline has been extended to 30 Septemeber, 2021

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