UNOOSA & JAXA Opens Application For KiboCUBE 5th Round


The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are pleased to invite applications for the KiboCUBE 5th round!

The KiboCUBE collaboration opens the ISS to the world, allowing developing countries that are UN Member States to deploy Cube Satellites.

KiboCUBE is the dedicated collaboration between UNOOSA and JAXA in utilizing the ISS Kibo for the world. KiboCUBE aims to provide educational or research institutions from developing countries of United Nations membership with opportunities to deploy, from the ISS Kibo, cube satellites (CubeSats) which they develop and manufacture.

The fully completed application documents comprising of a CubeSat Mission Application, as well as a letter of endorsement from the head of the applying entity,  should be sent by email to   no later than 30 September 2019 at 23:59 CET. In the email, applying entities are requested to attach scanned copies of the letter of endorsement and the cover page of CubeSat Mission Application as pdf-file (.pdf) and the entire document of CubeSat Mission Application in both with pdf and word document. Please note that the UNOOSA email account only accepts emails with a size limit of up to 10 MB.

Find out more and apply on the UNOOSA website:

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