“Space, a new security and future issue for Africa”- ShieldAfrica


A safer Africa protecting its development

A continent with vast territories, increasing migration flows, strong demographic growth and an essential level of urbanisation, Africa must counter the significant threats that hamper its development. Some of these threats include terrorism, piracy, fraud, crimes, deterioration of the environment, etc. A country cannot grow without the security of people and property, the environment, transportation, networks (electricity, water, Internet), health security, banking and trustee security, cybersecurity and port, airport and borders security.


Since 2013, the international Security & Defence exhibition ShieldAfrica has offered solutions for the African continent’s challenges to:

  • Secure major African cities;
  • Protect states, critical infrastructures and economic exchanges;
  • Preserve human wealth, natural resources and the environment;
  • Strengthen institutional and private actors in Security and Defence domains;
  • Combat terrorism, piracy, fraud, crime, illicit trafficking, looting and poaching;
  • Prevent and fight against pandemics, natural and industrial disasters; and
  • Control migratory flows.
Pictures from the 2021 edition of the ShieldAfrica Exhibition

At each edition, ShieldAfrica brings together exhibitors from all over the world. It is an occasion to do business and exchange for official high-level authorities, buyers and users from across Africa. The exhibition is not restricted to exhibiting areas of products and services as live demonstrations are performed by African armed and security forces. The exhibitions are also organised with the participation of African and international speakers.

Live demonstration during ShieldAfrica exhibitions

Each of the six editions was a real success and got the total satisfaction of its attendees. The fact that the last edition was successfully held in June 2021 during the pandemics also shows the importance of the exhibition, participants’ trust and the need to get together.

Pictures from the 2021 edition of the ShieldAfrica Exhibition

New in 2023: “Space, a new security and future issue for Africa”

ShieldAfrica 2023 will give a particular focus on space issues. Indeed, the annual growth of the African space sector exceeds 7% at least until 2024. Forty-five satellites launched by 12 African countries are in service. Space is a major pillar for the future of Africa; as a result, the Space dimension fits perfectly into ShieldAfrica’s general theme of “protecting our future”.

For the security dimension (borders, security of cities), in addition to the classic “land”, “aeronautics”, and “maritime” aspects, there are the “cyber” and “space” aspects that the ShieldAfrica exhibition will cover. As a result, the space sector concerns all other elements: economic (the geolocation of logistics convoys, air traffic management), environmental (earth observation, reforestation, combating desertification, hydrography), climatic (meteorology, risk prevention) and communications and access to information.

Pictures from the 2021 edition of the ShieldAfrica exhibition

ShieldAfrica offers solutions for surveillance of areas (borders, maritime approaches, axes, natural parks), secure long-distance communication, geolocation & navigation, etc. Furthermore, ShieldAfrica is proud to have AGEOS (Agence Gabonaise d’Etudes et d’Observation Spatiale) as an official partner for the 2023 edition.

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