SKAO Organises Session At Africa-Europe Science And Innovation Summit


The SKA Observatory is taking part in the Africa-Europe Science and Innovation Summit (14-18 June) with a session entitled “SKAO: Enabling Global Science through Radio Astronomy”.

Consequently, the session will begin at 0900 UTC on Wednesday 16 June. Furthermore, it will convene senior figures from the SKAO and partner institutes to discuss SKAO’s impact on science and society. Topics will include the ground-breaking astronomy the SKAO’s telescopes will enable. Also, it will include the stunning results already emerging from its pathfinders and precursors. Furthermore, it will comprise how preparations for the SKAO data deluge are driving innovations in machine learning and AI.

In addition, through case studies, speakers will explore the ability of radio astronomy to foster international collaboration with a focus on Africa. Speakers will also explore driving new technologies and training new generations to support sustainable development in Africa. There will also be a discussion of how radio astronomy specialists have turned their skills to other challenges, including the fight against COVID-19.

Session Programme

  • 09:00 Welcome and introduction. By Dr Simon Berry, SKAO Head of the Director-General’s Office
  • 09:05 Science prospects with the SKA, including highlights from SKA pathfinders and precursors. By Dr Anna Bonaldi, SKAO Project Scientist
  • 09:20 Case study: EVN as a great scientific tool to strengthen collaboration, train people, develop skills and technologies. By Cristina Garcia-Miro, VLBI Support Scientist at Yebes Observatory, Spanish National Astronomical Observatory (OAN/IGN)
  • 09:35 Case study: LOFAR-EUNAME: Bridging Europe with North Africa and the Middle East – A new model of science for capacity building. By Dr George Miley, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy, Leiden Observatory
  • 09:50 Science Data Challenges: preparing the community for a new era in astronomy. By Dr Philippa Hartley, SKAO Postdoctoral Fellow: Radio Astronomy Simulations
  • 10:05 Developing the next generation of data scientists in South Africa. By Dr Carolina Ödman Govender, Associate Director of Development and Outreach at the Inter-university Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy (IDIA)
  • 10:20 Beyond the science: socio-economic impact and sustainability; the SKAO case study. By William Garnier, SKAO Director of Communication, Outreach and Education
  • 10:35 From radio astronomy to the fight against Covid-19: case study of the SARAO ventilators. By Dr Adrian Tiplady, Deputy Managing Director: Strategy & Partnerships at SARAO
  • 10:50 Questions

The week-long summit aims to enhance science and innovation cooperation between Africa and Europe. Furthermore, it aims to build on key policy and programme initiatives. This will consequently establish a more enabling environment for science and innovation policy co-design, programme cooperation and capacity building.

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