Simera Sense has Multiple Job Openings


Simera Sense is hiring a junior electronic hardware design engineer and a parts preparation technician. The positions are full-time and are in Somerset, West, South Africa.

Junior Electronic Hardware Design Engineer

The successful applicant will join the hardware development team to develop further and enhance Simera’s electronic systems, specifically schematic capture and printed circuit board (PCB) layout for high-density, high-speed digital and electro-optical systems.

Key Responsibilities

The applicant will be responsible for designing, testing, and integrating digital and electro-optical electronic systems for the aerospace sector. This entails:

  • Development and testing of high-reliability electronics assemblies; and
  • Development of test equipment.
Key Requirements
  • B Eng. (Electronic); and
  • MSc Eng. (Electronic).
  • 2+ years experience in designing high-speed FPGA electronics;
  • 2+ years experience in high-speed digital electronics PCB routing with ≥ six layers;
  • Understanding high-speed digital, low-noise analogue, and high-reliability design practices;
  • Experience writing technical reports with MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel);
  • Experience with FPGAs, preferably Microsemi/Microchip;
  • Experience in environmental testing and acceptance testing to high-quality standards;
  • An understanding of radiation effects on electronics;
  • Experience with Python (or similar scripting languages;
  • Experience in standard coding compliance, including version control; and
  • Experience in Siemens Team Center or any other formal configuration management tool.
Required Skills
  • Interpersonal skills, including the ability to interact with interdisciplinary team members;
  • Strong analytical thinking skills as innovation and lateral thinking skills, will be required;
  • Self-driven, self-motivated person, willing to take on long-term responsibility;
  • Ability to complete well-rounded and documented work; and
  • Attention to detail.
How to Apply

For more information about this position and how to apply, click here.

Parts Preparation Technician

The successful candidate will be required to inspect incoming mechanical components and use specialised cleaning processes to ensure that these components are within acceptable space quality standards and ready for integration.

Furthermore, this role entails performing preparation processes such as mechanical abrasion, etching of mechanical components, masking, painting and demasking of flight components. In addition, the successful candidate will be responsible for prepping, packaging, storing and keeping the storeman informed of component statuses and whereabouts.

Key Responsibilities
  • Receiving manufactured components, performing incoming inspections and completing supporting inspection documentation;
  • Responsible for quality control of all flight components:
    • Ensure material certificates, measurement reports, etc., are obtained and filed in the PLM system.
    • Ensure parts received meet specifications (part acceptance).
    • Identify and raise any issues if necessary.
  • Parts preparation for mechanical components;
  • Mechanical abrasion;
  • Parts cleaning to a certain standard;
  • Masking and demasking component;
  • Component etching;
  • Painting of mechanical components;
  • Packaging of components; and
  • Storage and Handling of Components:
    • Storing components in the correct locations
    • Selection of components for the assembly team
    • Informing the storeman about any movements of components.
Key Requirements
  • A National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (as a minimum requirement).
  • Experience with handling & inspecting delicate components;
  • Experience understanding metal manufacturing and treatment processes;
  • Experience working in a clean room environment; and
Required Skills
  • Well-developed fine motor skills;
  • Good eyesight & steady hands;
  • Extreme attention to detail;
  • Should be able to follow procedures strictly;
  • Must be able to work in a team as well as be able to work alone and unsupervised;
  • Must be highly self-disciplined and have good time management skills to meet deadlines;
  • Must be highly detail and achievement orientated;
  • Must be able to work in a high-pressure environment; and
  • Willing to work extra hours when required;
How to Apply

For more information about this position and how to apply, click here.

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