SGAC Nigeria; Nigeria’s Insecurity in Focus, Utilising Space Technology to Redirect the Course


The Nigerian Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) team has partnered with three student organisations to organise a webinar themed “Nigeria’s Insecurity in Focus; Utilising Space technology to redirect the course”. This webinar will highlight and address the various ways space technology is used and can be used to detect instances of insecurity and violation of human rights in Nigeria. Specifically, the discussions will enlighten the audience on the present status quo of utilising space for peace in the country, the challenges involved, and possible measures to enhance and promote the same.

The event invites undergraduates and young professionals interested in the country and the space sector, and other concerned Nigerians. On the side,  there will be a session dedicated to advising young people on ways to get involved in space-related activities in the country and beyond.

The event is set to hold on 18th September 2021 by 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM WAT. 

Event Partners

Space Club Futa

Space Club Futa is a student space club that operates under the Center for Space Research and Application of the Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria, collaborating with the African Regional Center For Space Science and Technology Education. Furthermore, the club aims to help students become relevant in the use of space science and technology for socio-economic development, undertake projects on key topics of relevance to space application, thereby contributing to national development and provide a platform in which students can expand their knowledge in space science and applications and preparing them to become leaders in the sector tomorrow.

Space club OAU 

Space club OAU is a non-profit community in Obafemi Awolowo University intending to stimulate the exchange of ideas and information among intellectuals, thereby bringing awareness around space science and technology and at the same time building STEM capacity in the country.

LASU Space Club

LASU Space Club promotes space science and technology learning through hands-on experience, practical projects, audiovisuals, and multimedia presentations of space exploration. The club was established to provide and spread space knowledge to all students of Lagos State University and its entire environment and further help in space research and its application for the growth of Nigeria and the world.


  • Prof. Rabiu Babatunde, Chief Executive/Director at the Centre for Atmospheric Research, NARSDA
  • Nelly-Helen Ebruka, National Point of Contact for Nigeria, SGAC
  • Abraham Akinwale, Human Resource Coordinator, SGAC

To register for this free event, kindly check here.

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