SARAO is Looking to Hire a Senior Software Developer

SARAO is Recruiting a Procurement Officer
SARAO is Recruiting a Procurement Officer


The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) is looking to hire a senior software developer on a long-term contract. The senior software developers are part of a development team building the MeerKAT, MeerKAT Extension and the Square Kilometre (SKA) telescopes’ Science Data Processors. Additionally, senior software developers research, analyse and evaluate requirements for existing or new software applications. They also evaluate and research operating systems and design, develop, test and maintain software solutions to meet these requirements. Senior software developers may also need to guide and work with more junior team members to accomplish their tasks.

Key responsibilities

  • Develop, test, and maintain the SDP system and its components;
  • Participate in the documentation and refinement of system requirements, design and implementation solutions;
  • Research, innovation and continuous skills and insight development;
  • SDP system quality assurance and control;
  • Support deployment of releases and fixes;
  • Support the SDP’s compute infrastructure requirements;
  • Contact with other areas of the organization to develop new/improved processes and supporting systems; and
  • Participate in project management and systems engineering activities.
    Mentorship, development and guidance of new members

Key Requirements:

  • B. Eng. / B. Sc. / B. Tech. or higher in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or Electrical Engineering or related field.
  • 7 years of experience, in a combination of further (post-graduate) education and work experience;
  • Experience developing software and systems in Python, or other imperative languages;
  • Experience in systems analysis and engineering;
  • Knowledge, experience or specialisation in implementing specialist technology and computing modules, e. g. security, networking, identity and access management, file management systems, large scale computing and storage, etc;
  • Experience working with formal project management and agile practices and methods
  • Experience working with data processing or backend systems;
  • Knowledge of integrating and configuring various software technologies and infrastructure; and
  • Experience in technology research, technology development and maturation towards production readiness.

Additional Notes:

  • A post-graduate degree or equivalent qualification in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering or related fields;
  • Demonstrated domain and technology knowledge, expertise, specialization or thought leadership in computing, systems design, architecture or implementation. This can be demonstrated through certification, higher research-focused qualifications, or record of delivery of dynamic solutions, organizing or leading contribution in the technology or innovation community;
  • Ability to effectively transfer knowledge and skills to other team members;
  • Ability to mentor, guide and further develop junior team members;
  • A clear and methodical approach to problem-solving;
  • High attention to detail, excellent organization skills; and
  • Good communication skills, written and verbal.

Interested persons can apply here. Consequently, SANSA will only communicate with short-listed candidates, and applicants may regard their applications as unsuccessful if they receive no communication within four weeks from the closing date. The application will close on 22 April 2022.

You can visit here for more information on the opening.

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