PASEA Announces Call to Host 2024 Edition


The Pan-African School for Emerging Astronomers (PASEA) cordially invites African institutions/research centres wishing to host the next PASEA in 2024 to send a Letter of Intent to PASEA co-Directors for consideration. 

PASEA is a programme held every two years in Africa. Each dual-stream summer school has approximately 60 participants, 80% undergraduates and 20% postgraduates, from across Africa. Organised and taught by an international collaboration of astronomers, the main goals of PASEA are: 

  • Contribute to building a critical mass of astronomers in Africa; 
  • Build a community among African scientists; and
  • Share ideas about teaching and learning between Africa and North America / Europe. 
  • Host contact person with the backing of their institute;
  • Availability of a decent venue for the two concurrent streams (undergraduate and postgraduate) of the school; and 
  • Availability of affordable accommodation for the participants and instructors. It will be good to have an easily accessible venue from the nearest airport and accommodation. 

A PASEA host is expected to bear the cost of accommodating and feeding the participants, instructors, and venue. However, PASEA has, in the past years, enjoyed goodwill financial support from many organisations and institutes. And thus will endeavour to support the flights of the international participants and may contribute to the local expenses of the host. 

Benefits to Host Country 
  • Participants of the school are dominantly students from the host country; and 
  • Establishment of astronomy teaching and research collaboration with PASEA. 
How to Submit an Application

Kindly submit a letter of intent to host PASEA 2024 to this email by 30 April 2023. The letter should address the points raised above in “Requirements” and should be sent along with a letter from the head of the institute/centre, pledging their support and nominating a contact person. Any questions can be directed to the same email.

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