ICTP African Capacity Building Workshop on Space Weather Effects on GNSS


The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) is organising a hybrid African capacity-building workshop on the effects of space weather on GNSS from 3rd to 14th October 2022 in Trieste, Italy.

Studies on Space Weather effects on the Earth’s ionosphere, and therefore on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), have been ongoing for several years. Nevertheless, additional efforts are still needed to increase the involvement of the scientific community in this field of research, especially from the emerging nations. The capacity-building workshop aims to provide an in-depth view of Space Weather phenomena, including their effects on technological systems.

The ICTP workshop is also an opportunity to share specific tutorials about GNSS and the exploitation of their signals for ionospheric studies to enhance the knowledge and the research capabilities of young African scientists. The workshop will cover topics like GNSS generalities, pace weather and Sun-Earth coupling, ionospheric monitoring and modelling, ionospheric measurements, and space weather prediction and forecasting.

Furthermore, the event will feature group projects by the participants on GNSS data analysis to investigate the ionospheric response to Space Weather events.

A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries. The event is free for all.

For more information, please visit here.


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