Apply for Henri Poincaré Junior Program of Côte d’Azur Observatory


The Henri Poincaré Junior Program of Côte d’Azur Observatory is offering international students internships for students wishing to perform a scientific training in one of the laboratories of the observatory. The laureates will receive up to 2200 euros for a training period of 2 months or more.


The opportunity is open for Master 2 or PhD students (or equivalent) from a country where astrophysical and Earth sciences are in development.

Research areas:

Internships may be sought in any research field of the OCA, from astrophysics to geophysics representing a vast array of research opportunities: Earth and space sciences, Earth-Ocean-Space interfaces, Astrophysics, fluid dynamics and signal processing, Multi-messengers astrophysics, gravitational waves.

Selection Criteria:

The scientific council of OCA selects candidates. The list of laureates will be published in the month of June 2019. The main criterion is the excellence of the application. Proposals that can lead to a longer-term collaboration are favoured. The program cannot fund co-supervised OCA’s students as the program’s aim is to help young scientists with new research perspectives.

Application deadline is March 31, 2019

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