Forging the Future of South Africa’s Space Science and Technology


Space investment remains an important means of ensuring South Africa’s role in contributing to and utilising space science, technology and innovation for the benefit of all citizens on the continent. The South African Government, through the Department of Science and Innovation, provide oversight and funding to the priority areas for space science and technology, such as knowledge generation through scientific research, valuable information derived from Earth observation that aids in policy and decision making, resource and disaster management, to name a few as well as developing space engineering capabilities and the local space industry.

This year sees the 4th SA-GEO Symposium and 3rd Space for National Development (SND) conferences that are implemented through the National Earth Observations and Space Secretariat (NEOSS) and South African National Space Agency (SANSA), combining to bring a more significant impact to the local space stakeholders in Government, industry, and academia. The event will be held from 31 August 2022 to 2 September 2022 at the CSIR ICC in Tshwane.

The hundreds of delegates from across the country will be in for a treat with numerous well-respected speakers in the space community on the programme alongside impressive exhibitions from Government and Industry stakeholders. Ms Andiswa Mlisa, Interim CEO at SANSA, expressed her excitement at being able to deliver a live, in-person event and said, “It is important for SANSA to maintain and support such engagements and interventions that provide significant value to our partners and stakeholders for the benefit of growing the impact made by addressing national challenges through space knowledge and innovations.”

In response to the importance of showcasing the value and benefit of Earth observations and space data and information derived from satellites and in-situ instruments as supported by the SA-GEO and related Communities of Practise in navigations and Communications, Ms Lulu Makapela emphasised the importance of NEOSS having closer engagements with the space community, at this event, to better understand the critical areas of support needed to grow our industry and to address the challenges that the broader society face.

The future of the SA-GEO and SND events will evolve to endorse the nature of sustainable partnering to bring profound value through a single annual conference showcasing developments across the space value chain.

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