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A new era is emerging, characterised by private sector-led efforts towards the commercialisation of space. The EU-Africa NewSpace webinar is the first step towards a long and prosperous relationship between European institutions and the African space industries. It will provide a platform for sharing information and connecting with experts for networking and relationship building, collaboration, and growth. This webinar aims to build the bridge between Europe and Africa in the NewSpace Economy. Onboard are speakers from EU institutions and African institutions as well as NewSpace companies from both continents.

The space industry has become a key player in the globalised and digitalised world and plays an important role in tackling the climate crisis. As a result, the space industry has expanded globally over the last 10 years with a record number of countries and commercial companies investing in space programmes. The emergence of new companies driving innovative business models, products, and services to tackle connectivity, digital and climate challenges and the technological advances in recent years are raising expectations of cheaper and therefore more lucrative space activities, which has led to an increased involvement of private investors who are new to space. As a result, even the established space companies have begun to adapt their business models and understand the so-called NewSpace economy not only as a driver of innovation but also as a serious cooperation partner.

A vibrant NewSpace industry has developed in Europe and Africa in recent years with hundreds of new players in the upstream, midstream, and downstream business. New space programmes, such as the development and operation of small and micro-satellites, mega-constellations of hundreds of satellites, small launchers, broadband, and internet-of-things from space, pose new technological, manufacturing, and financial opportunities. Global connectivity and the further digitalisation of industry and society create a growing demand for satellite capacity with high bandwidth, integrity, availability, coverage, accuracy, and security in Europe and in Africa. Satellite infrastructures and services support the change towards a climate-friendly global economy through the efficient use of resources, automated processes in production, transport and logistics and a highly connected industrial value chain in almost all industrial branches. Autonomous mobility on roads, railways, waterways, and airways as well as intermodal transport or smart farming solutions will depend to a large extent on highly integrated satellite systems.

In this webinar, we will present the dynamic NewSpace scene in Europe and Africa and we want to discuss with representatives from the European Commission, the European Space Agency and with representatives from Africa how Europe and Africa can benefit from each other in this emerging market. Representatives of the NewSpace economy from both continents will present their business models and products and will give an outlook on possibilities for cooperation.

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