EgSA is Offering On-The-Job Training in Satellite Systems Development


The Minerasat is a nano-satellite owned by the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA). It boasts high spectral and spatial resolution and near-infrared image data. In addition, its function is to quantify the solid surface’s mineral composition and spectral signature. Moreover, it facilitates mineral detection and object identification based on spectral data, which would be extracted from an image.

To this end, EgSA is offering an opportunity for on-the-job training to electrical, mechanical, software and hardware engineers. Trainees will develop experience in developing satellite systems.  This includes ;

  • Theoretical orientation.
  • Mission analysis.
  • Preliminary design of satellite subsystems and system platforms.
  • Critical design.
  • Final assembly integration and testing of satellites.
  • Note that there will be no need for preliminary knowledge of satellite subsystems and their operation as a prerequisite for eligibility for the programme.  This knowledge forms part of the learning material for the programme.

Expected programme outcomes 

At the end of the training programme, engineers can expect to know how to develop satellite subsystems. Engineers will also be able to interpret mission objectives into satellite system requirements as well as mission specifications.

Additional Information

  • Programme Timeline: 9 months during the real satellite life cycle operation.
  • Start Date: 1 March 2023


  1. Orientation: space systems and satellite development 
  2. Satellite Mission analysis 
  3. Preliminary design of satellite modules
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Assembly of satellite EM model
  6. Qualification testing of satellite EM model 
  7. Critical Design of the satellite module 
  8. Assembly of the satellite flight model
  9. Acceptance Testing of Satellite


  • For information about programme costs. Email
  • Training session accommodates a maximum of three engineers.
  • Accommodation in Cairo, Egypt and transportation to and from the Egyptian Space agency are included in the training cost. Additionally, training materials and needed facilities are also covered by the training cost.

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