Call to Reward Students and Researchers/Scientists Who Have Used Data From The Centre For Notable Research Work


The Centre for Atmospheric Research (CAR) is making a call to ALL students, Scientists and Researchers who have used data obtained from any of the instruments operated by the Centre for their publications and/or post-graduate work (MSc/PhD).

The purpose of this call is to reward students and researchers who have used the Centre’s data to make notable/remarkable research works.

To make an entry, researchers and students should provide the following information:

  1. Name of Researcher
  2. Institution
  3. Degree obtained (for the case of MSc/PhD thesis/project)
  4. Year of Publication (or Thesis/Project)
  5. Title of Publication (or Thesis/Project)
  6. Abstract
  7. Summary of work
  8. Specify the data used
  9. Phone number/Email address

Kindly send the above information to the email below:

Submissions with remarkable research results will be rewarded.
Deadline: 30th April 2021

Dr Daniel Okoh
Head of CAR Research Facilities
For Director, Centre for Atmospheric Research