Call For Contributions For Springer’s Southern Space Studies Series: Developing the African Continent Through Space (Part 3)

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The African space sector is currently undergoing a phase of rapid and dynamic expansion, with new actors entering the field and with space applications increasingly used to support the continent’s social, economic, and political development. All across Africa, attention is shifting to space as a fundamental part of the continental development agenda, and the creation of an African space agency is evidence of this. Additionally, while great achievements have been made in recent years in economic and social development, there is still much that needs to be done. To this end, space is already being employed in diverse fields of human endeavour to serve Africa’s goals for its future, but there is much room for further incorporation of space systems and data. Accordingly, this book is dedicated to a detailed insight into how space and its applications are and can be used to support the development of the full range and diversity of African societies, while being driven by African goals, for example as encapsulated in the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

Contributions in this regard are welcome from across the continent and further afield for this third volume of Space Fostering African Societies: Developing the African Continent through Space. Since the first volumes were well received, a follow up is highly anticipated by the space community. The purpose of this publication is thus to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the role space is playing in unlocking Africa’s developmental aspirations and will be of great interest to both students and professionals alike in fields such as Space Studies, International Relations, Governance, Social and Rural Development, and many others.

Interested authors are invited to explore a broad range of topics in this regard to raise the
profile and awareness of space in Africa.
Deadline for full paper: February 15 2021.
Contact for submissions:

Publication Guidelines can be accessed here.

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