Call for Applications: Join 2023 LCO’s Global Sky Educational Partners

One of the 0.4m telescopes in the LCO educational network. Source: LCO

The Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO) invites individuals interested in educational related-projects in astronomy to apply to be part of its educational partners, Global Sky Partners, with projects to run between 1 August 2023 – 31 July 2024.

Furthermore, LCO is particularly interested in programmes that will promote the use of robotic telescopes and advance science engagement through astronomy for underserved populations worldwide.

  • Projects that capitalise on LCO’s unique capabilities, including its global network of telescopes and scheduling software;
  • Projects which involve monitoring astronomical events or following up on recent astronomical discoveries are particularly suitable;
  • Projects targeting underserved audiences: These can be in the developing world or under-resourced communities in the developed world without access to mainstream programmes; and
  • Formal or informal education projects: These are not limited projects directly related to the school curriculum. Thus, original research projects involving students and purely science communication projects are acceptable.
Additional Notes

Teachers or individuals running a school-based astronomy club with some astronomy experience are eligible to apply for the Global Sky Clubs programme.

For more information about the current and past partners, click here.

How to Apply

Interested individuals must complete the application form before 26 May 2023, 23:00 UTC.

  • Proposals review: June 2023;
  • Announcement of education partners: 1 July 2023;
  • Projects allocation: 1 August 2023 – 31 July 2024;
  • Progress report: 1 February 2024; and
  • Final report: 1 August 2024.
Additional Information

For guidance on writing a proposal, click here.

For advice on whether your idea or project would fit into the Global Sky Partner programme, please contact Edward Gomez (LCO Education Director).

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