Austria Space Forum OeWF inspires kids from Africa


Every year, OeWF speakers inspire thousands of people: they provide exciting presentations on space and astronomy that are designed for general audiences and easily understood by all attendees. Topics such as the birth of stars to life in outer space, the challenges of a Mars flight and the breathtaking world of Earth observation – these are just a glimpse of available topics. Their experts inspire, share complex knowledge in an approachable way, and represent the latest state-of-the-art insights into the subject of space.

On April 28, it was the turn of about 120 High School at Kings College, Lagos, Nigeria to be inspired by the OeWF team during a Space Bootcamp program organized by ISpatial Technologies.

The idea behind Space Bootcamp is to educate children aged 8-18 years about Space Science and Technology, because it embodies a unique combination of scientific and cultural aspects. Our awe-inspiring Universe captures the imagination of children, making it a great stepping-stone to introduce youngsters to science and technology. Indeed, many scientists can trace their interest in science to a moment as a young child when they were first introduced to the wonders of the cosmos. Considering the vastness and beauty of the Universe and our place within it provides a special perspective that can help broaden the mind and stimulate a sense of global citizenship and tolerance.

Analog Astronauts, Inigo Munoz-Elorza from OeWF introduced the kids to Space Exploration and shared experiences and discoveries from OeWF AMADEE-18 missions. The kids, who were interacting for the first time with an astronaut were greatly inspired, asking questions to deepen their knowledge of outer space and getting information about how to pursue STEM careers.

During the bootcamp, students were introduced to the following:

  • Measurement of distance – Introduction to the Astronomical Unit
  • Introduction to the Solar System
  • Spacecraft 101
  • Rocket 101
  • International Space Station – Living in Outer Space
  • AstroBiology

Students also developed their model water rocket using plastics.

A water rocket built by the students

You can watch the launch here

Some pictures from the event:

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