Attend the GMES and Africa Phase 2 Regional Workshop

Attend the GMES and Africa Phase 2 Regional Workshop

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), in collaboration with the Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management (SASSCAL), will host a press conference at the GMES and Africa Regional workshop on 26 September 2022, at the CSIR International Convention Centre (ICC) in Pretoria.

GMES and Africa is an Africa-wide initiative born on longstanding cooperation between Africa and Europe. The objectives are to strengthen the long-term European Union-Africa Union Commission cooperation on space science and technology, enable the two continents to collaboratively address and solve global challenges, and promote sustainable development under the Copernicus Programme. Ultimately, the initiative will equip decision-makers with the knowledge and tools they need for the implementation of sustainable environmental policies at continental, regional and national levels.

The CSIR is a leading consortium in Marine and Coastal Operations for Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean, whereas SASSCAL is a leading consortium in Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Service for Transboundary Basins in Southern Africa. The workshop is being hosted by the CSIR and SASSCAL to showcase their results and engage with stakeholders in the Southern African Development Community on GMES operations.

The discussion at the three-day event, which runs through 28 September 2022, will be centred around the impact of earth observation services and technologies on regional socio-economic, environmental and security activities in southern Africa.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to encourage and promote mutual exchanges of best practices, knowledge and experiences. It will also enable the sharing of information and knowledge on new and ground-breaking Earth observation technologies created as part of the programme and their conformity with the sustainable development strategies for the region.

International representatives from Europe and Africa are expected to attend. Policymakers from member nations, line ministers from SADC countries, public and private sector stakeholders, implementers, Basin Commissions, researchers, and any other stakeholders whose activities are relevant to coastal areas, rivers, and their ecosystems are among those included.

After the official opening ceremony, a press conference will be held to answer questions from the media. The event’s schedule is attached here. The event’s schedule is attached here. Following the opening ceremony, a media statement will be released.

For enquiries, please contact David Mandaha or Ester Nakanduungile via email at David (or  012 841 3654) or Esther ( or +264811470302). For additional information, click here.

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