Apply for the CBSS Grant for Nigerian Students in Space Science and Astronomy

Centre for Basic Space Science building in UNN, Nsukka

The Chukwuka Cosmas Ezenma The  Centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS) invites interested Nigerian students in space science and astronomy to apply for the research grant aimed at developing capacity in space science and technology, electronics engineering, astronomy, and astrophysics and fostering international, cultural, scientific, and technological cooperation in Africa. The grant is designed to support Nigerian students and researchers currently enrolled in a postgraduate programme related to space science, technology, and astronomy. 

Field of study

The scholarships are open to applicants in the following fields of studies with application in space science and Astronomy: Environmental Science, Satellite Communication, Remote-Sensing, Atmospheric Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Instrumentation/Electronics/ICT, Geodesy and Geo-dynamics. Space Applications, Space Science and Technology, Rocketry, Space Science Education, Transport and Propulsion.


The awards are open to Nigerian students with high academic ability (preferably with a first-class honours degree or at least second-class honours upper-division or equivalent). In addition, the organisers will only consider applications from candidates already holding an admission offer from a university/research institution. The offer may be unconditional or otherwise. Furthermore, the host institutions should classify the students as Nigerian students for fee purposes. The organisers will also give preference to female and physically challenged applicants. Previous beneficiaries or current beneficiaries of other grants are to refrain from applying. 


Applicants must provide the following documents:

For postgraduate grant
  • Evidence of postgraduate admission;
  • Reference letter from the head of department or supervisor on the university letter-headed paper. The letter should detail the applicant’s research topic, CGPA upon admission, programme duration, and field of specialisation/academic programme. Applicants must send these documents from the referee’s university official/institutional email. Public domain emails are not accepted. Consequently, applicants should send the documents to and; and
  • Online submission of applications.
For conference and workshop applications
  • Applicants must upload evidence of acceptance of the research paper for presentation;
  • Reference letter from the applicant’s head of institution on the institutional letter headed paper. Applicants should send the documents via emails directly to: and Likewise, the organiser will not accept emails from public domains.

Applications will close on 30 January 2023. Interested applicants can submit their applications here.

For more information, contact the organisers:,, or

For additional clarity, contact these numbers: 07034976983, 08030493179, or 08035606730.

The Centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS) was established in 2001 as one of the activity centres of NASRDA. It is situated in the bookshop building of the University of Nigeria Nsukka and has a permanent site at TTC road Eburummiri Nsukka Enugu State.

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