Application Opens for the RAS- Astro4Dev Mobility Grant

source: astro4dev

The RAS – Astro4Dev Mobility grants are coordinated by the Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) in partnership with the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS). This grant aims to establish and nurture research, education and development related partnerships between the United Kingdom (UK) and countries where astronomy research is still in its infancy. Due to travel restrictions in 2021, the grant will be used to fund:

  1. Astronomy-for-development technical projects, or
  2. Virtual attendance at the 2021 National Astronomy Meeting (NAM2021) of the UK.

What is an astronomy-for-development technical project? 

These are specialised projects that utilise astronomy-related instruments, skills or techniques and can impact development through the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs). The grant could be seed funding to develop an idea that could be put forward for future funding through other streams.

Examples of such projects include; using infrared image detection to play a role in wildlife conservation, developing radiative cooling technology to address water shortages in arid regions or solar water purification.

The recipient could utilise the grant to acquire materials for prototype design, software subscriptions, hiring staff time, or even buying out of teaching responsibilities. Other well-motivated spending categories will be considered.

Who can apply for an astronomy-for-development technical project grant?

This grant is meant for researchers based in the UK or those outside the UK to collaborate with a UK partner in the astronomy-for-development technical project.

Who can apply for virtual attendance to NAM 2021? 

Astronomers or graduate students from countries where astronomy research is not well established. Before an applicant can be considered for funding, he/she must have an accepted abstract to NAM2021.

How to apply

Applications are open from  April 21 – May 10,  2021

  1. Apply to the RAS-OAD NAM grant
  2. Apply to the RAS-OAD technical project grant

Terms and Conditions

  1. The maximum RAS-OAD grant contribution for the astronomy-for-development technical project will generally be £3000. Additional support leveraged from other sources – agencies, foundations, etc., will also be acceptable and will be considered favourably in reviewing the applications.
  2. The duration of the astronomy-for-development technical project is a maximum of one year.
  3. After completing the astronomy-for-development technical project, the project PI will be required to provide a report describing the activities undertaken, the potential for future work in this area, an account of the grant spending, and recommendations regarding further actions.
  4. Funding for virtual attendance of NAM 2021 will cover conference registration fees and, if required, an amount to cover connection cost.

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