Register To Participate In The Space Mission Design Training


The Space Mission Design Training organized by Open Cosmos, Space Generation Advisory Council, Eureka Geo, OpenStreetMap Cameroun, Gimerc Consulting and Waterforlife Cameroon is coming up on the 24-29 February 2020. The workshop will serve as an introduction to the key concepts of space mission design. Participants will learn some of the theoretical concepts relevant to satellite missions and have the ability to apply these concepts via several hands-on exercises.

The following set of people are invited to attend:

  • People working on satellite applications or using space data,
  • People thinking of using satellite technology for their applications,
  • Startup entrepreneurs thinking of using space data,
  • Startup, entrepreneurs thinking of designing space instruments,
  • Anyone interested in the basics of space mission design.

The application form must consist of your curriculum vitae and the completed form that you will find here.  It should be sent to the following address:
The training costs 6000 FCFA (10 USD) transfer by OM: 691434361 or MOMO: 670080403.

Participants are advised to bring their own laptops.

Workshop Agenda 

24-29 February 2020.

S/NDateWorkshop Agenda
124th of FebruaryIntroduction and presentation
Introduction to the New Space sector
Introduction to beeApp ( space mission design software)
225th of FebruaryMission concept & payload requirements
326th of FebruaryMission architecture and sub-systems
427th of FebruaryOrbit & Ground stations with practical hands-on exercises
528th of FebruaryHands-on exercises with bee App
629th of FebruaryRestitution of group work and delivery of training certificates


The session on 28 and 29 February will be integrated into the training activities of the Understand Risk conference organized by the OpenStreetMap Association under the high patronage of the Minister of MINHDU.

Registration Deadline: February 16, 2020.