Egyptian Space Agency International Scholarship For Egyptian Students


The Egyptian Space Agency has commenced the process for a scholarship program for students in Egyptian institutions to study abroad. The program is an aftermath of a board meeting held by the agency to discuss the future of space technology in the country.

The academic opportunity from the agency is in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education. Students in Egyptian government universities will be trained by some international space institutions abroad during the 2021 summer vacation to develop their capabilities in the field of space science and technology.

Eligible programs for the scholarship:

  1. Electrical engineering;
  2. Mechanical engineering;
  3. Mechatronics engineering;
  4. Aerospace engineering and aviation/spacecraft;
  5. Navigation and space technology.

Criteria for application:

  1. Applicants should not be older than 22 years old by the time of travelling (summer 2021);
  2. The student must be enrolled in one of the Egyptian public universities;
  3. The student should be enrolled in the penultimate session for the academic year 2020/2021;
  4. The student must have at least a 3.2 GPA;
  5. The student must be fluent in written and spoken English;
  6. The student must not have dual citizenship.

Documents to upload for application:

  1. Student identity card;
  2. A copy of the birth certificate;
  3. National ID card,

Other relevant documents:

  1. An enrolment statement from the university, indicating that the student is in the third year;
  2. Approval from the university and students affairs unit allowing the student to travel for training;
  3. Transcript of academic performance showing the student has up to 3.2 GPA;
  4. A language certification with 5.5 in IELTS or 59 in TOEFL iBT, provided that the certificate is valid for two years from the date presented;
  5. A copy of passport and other travel documents.

Interested applicants should visit here to apply now, or contact Zainab Mohamed 01094518207.

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