Call for Proposals Related to Vision 2024 Actions



The International Astronomical Union (IAU), which has been in existence for over 100 years, is the world’s largest body of professional astronomers. Every three years it holds a General Assembly, bringing together astronomers from around the world. In 2024, this meeting will take place for the first time on the African continent. Consequently, Cape Town has been selected as the host city for the meeting, and the National Research Foundation (NRF) will be the official host organisation, with strong support from the Department of Science and Innovation, the African Astronomical Society, the Academy of Science of South Africa, and around 50 other organisations from across the African continent. When the bid to host the event was made to the IAU, it was presented as an African bid. It was envisaged that the whole continent would benefit, through developments in the field of astronomy and beyond.

The team behind the organising of the event then coordinated a continent-wide engagement process to come up with a consolidated “Vision 2024” that captures the aspirations of the astronomy community on the continent, with regard to opportunities created by the 2024 IAU General Assembly. This call aims to support proposals from anyone anywhere in the world to address actions identified in “Vision 2024” (full details of Vision 2024 available here).


  • The proposed project should address an action described in Vision 2024.
  • The proposers should release any project resources or materials they produce to the public under an appropriate license (e.g. Creative Commons) allowing free use and adaptation.
  • Proposers should be able to provide a verified bank account through which they can receive the funds if the organising committee selects the project for funding.
  • All projects should adhere to the ISC’s Principle of Universality of Science and the IAU’s Code of Conduct.
  • All project team members listed in the proposal should have discussed the proposal and committed to executing the project.
  • The proposers should obtain all necessary permissions and authorizations, as required by their national and local laws, to carry out their work, such as, for example, written parental consent when working with minors, permission to use copyrighted material, permission for gatherings during COVID times, etc.
  • Proposers should ideally submit proposals via the online Application Form before the deadline. However, if you are unable to submit the proposal online for any reason, you may contact us at least a week before the deadline to arrange for an alternative submission method. This includes anyone with visual or other impairments who may require assistance.
  • Proposers should ideally submit proposals in English since the selection process will be in English. However, if you require assistance in translating your application or wish to submit it in another language, please contact us immediately and at least 2 weeks before the deadline so we may try to make suitable arrangements.


The GA2024 Organising Committee will provide funding usually up to a maximum of ZAR20,000  (USD 1,300) per proposal. Thr organising committee may consider requests for larger amounts only in special circumstances. This consequently depends on the demand, the motivation for such larger amounts, and the funding available. In addition, there will be no restrictions on what the applicant may spend the funding on. Nevertheless, all proposed budget items must be suitably justified in the proposal. The selection panel may choose to fund only part of a project’s proposed budget.


The organising committee invites proposals from individuals or organizations willing to contribute to actions listed in Vision 2024. Please view the different aspects of Vision 2024, related actions and potential stakeholders on the vision web pages, where you can browse through it online or download the full Vision 2024 document.

All applications should be submitted via this online form

Selection criteria

A selection panel will score proposals based on the following section criteria:

  • The capability of the team to carry out the project (scored out of 10);
  • Potential to contribute to Vision 2024 (based on actions targeted and corresponding plan, scored out of 10);
  • Feasibility of the project to complete on time and within the budget proposed
    (based on the implementation plan, timelines and budget, scored out of 10);
  • Cost-effectiveness (based on budget and deliverables, scored out of 10)

The panel comprises members of the GA2024 Organising Committee and other independent panellists.


Interested applicants should submit their proposals via the online application form by 15th April 2022. Likewise, the organising committee will provide feedback by 15th May 2022.
The committee expects grant agreements negotiation to begin in June 2022, with seed funding going out by July 2022

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