Call for Entries: Egypt’s Space Startup Hub Challenge


The Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Fund for Innovators and Delegates, is inviting entrepreneurs, incubators and startups sourcing for funding or an incubation opportunity to the first business incubator that is focused on supporting startups in the space field. The Agency and its partners have secured the interest of 30+ industry players to partner to secure the needed mentorship, environment, integration support and rapid prototyping resources required for any innovative startup to successfully take off.

This incubation programme is ideal for an innovation owner or a start-up company in the idea stage, initial product building stage, MVP or product building stage, and startups looking for funding.

Selected companies for the incubation would be able to work on the following:
  • Satellite Development, SW Embedded systems, and AI;
  • Satellite (Components, Subsystem, Payload) Development;
  • Hardware Manufacturing;
  • Satellite Attitude Control (Algorithm, Software, Sensors, Actuators);
  • Ground Control  and Receiving Station (SW, Data Processing, Tracking System, RF System); and
  • Software Testing (Desktop Application, Embedded System, RTOS).

All applicants must excel in implementing ideas based on the needs of the EgSA or the space industry’s general needs. To this end, participants will be assigned tasks to implement the requirements of the EgSA in one of the mentioned fields.

How to Apply

Interested Incubators and startups should apply here to the EgSA’s business incubator, in eligible fields. During the selection process, selected incubators and startups will compete in the incubation program.  Applications are open throughout the year for quarterly courses. The second incubation cycle ends on 10 December 2022.

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