Call for Applications: LBSI Workshop on GIS Methods for Quantitative Spatial Data Analysis


The Wheeler Institute for Business and Development at London Business School (LBS) is offering a virtual online workshop on GIS methods for quantitative spatial data analysis. This workshop will equip students with modern research methods for analysing spatial data. It will focus on applications related to the study of development in Africa, but the tools covered will be applicable in many contexts. 

In addition, the workshop will provide an overview of geospatial data and work through case studies demonstrating Python’s use for spatial data analysis and QGIS for spatial data visualisation. Participants can expect to gain familiarity with various open-source software used in spatial data analysis:

  • Anaconda (Python and Jupyter)
  • QGIS
  • Google Earth Engine

There will be six 3-hour main lectures (with a small break) commencing on 11 May 2023, spread over four weeks, on Tuesday and Thursday from 3 pm-6 pm BST & WAT / 9 am-12 pm EDT. 

Programme costs and registration fees

This will be an open-access programme, but attendance will be limited to a few participants due to capacity constraints. Participants will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis and will be required to do a pre-screening test to assess their eligibility for the workshop.


The programme is geared towards doctoral students and early career academics. Moreover, it is also well suited for public and private organisations professionals. It is strongly recommended that the participants have experience with quantitative data analysis and coding. For those without experience, you are strongly encouraged to review some material from the following free resources;

Participants must also have an Internet connection to download (1 GB) of data and software to follow the Zoom (video) sessions. 

Dates and times

Date: 11-30 May 2023

Times: 3 pm-6 pm BST & WAT / 9 am-12 pm EDT

Check here to access the workshop schedule and additional information. For more information and enquiries, use the following contact information;

About the Wheeler Institute

The Wheeler Institute for Business and Development at London Business School was created to research and amplify the role of business in tackling the hardest challenges in social and economic development. A primary objective of the Wheeler Institute is to stimulate and support research at the intersection of business and development, with a particular emphasis on research in the developing world.


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