ASAL Space Technology Centre Is Recruiting For Its 2019 Fiscal Year


The Space Technology Centre of the Algerian Space Agency is recruiting engineers and other space enthusiasts for its 2019 Fiscal year. The available vacancies and their role requirements are outlined below.

  1. Spatially Reference Information Systems 
    (3 positions)

a) Geodesic Sciences and Topographic Works:  Applicants must be qualified engineers.

b) Geomatics or GIS: Applicants must be in the second year of their Master’s degree programme

c) Data processing: Applicants must  have a Diploma, a Ph.D or a Master’s degree.

2. Studies and Project Management  (2 positions)

a) Civil Engineering: Applicants must be engineers, preferably in the 2nd year of their Master’s degree programme.

b) Project Management: Applicants must be in the second year of their Master’s degree programme.

Documents to Be Provided by Applicants

  1. A written application
  2. A resume
  3. A copy of the degree (s)
  4. Records of the course notes
  5. Work certificates (in the case of past activities)
  6. A copy of the CIN
  7. Proof of National Service (NYSC certificate or its equivalent)
  8. A certificate of nationality

The application form must be sent by post to the following address by September 30, 2019:
Center des Techniques Spatiales – 01 Avenue de la Palestine, BP13, 31200 Arzew, Algeria 

For further inquiries, contact:

Telephone: 041 79 21 69

Fax: 041 79 21 76